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News from the General George Patton Museum

Patton's flag collection being restored.

Patton Captured Nazi Flag
Camille Myers Breeze examining the Nazi flag on site at the Patton Museum in September, 2012.

Read about the 20 flags that are being restored at Museum Textile Services.

Where are the tanks and other vehicles?

Patton Van
General Patton’s 1942 GMC 6x6 HQ/Sleeping Van is undergoing restoration now and will return to a prominent place in a major permanent exhibit

Not all the tanks moved to Fort Benning, GA with the relocation of the former cavalry and armor museum. In fact, the pace of transformation of the new General George Patton Museum of Leadership at Fort Knox is increasing. Several pieces of historic armor and other vehicles formerly displayed inside and in front of the museum are undergoing extensive restoration and will return to the Patton Museum.

These vehicles include the M7 'Priest' self-propelled 105mm howitzer; M10 tank destroyer and 'Easy-8' Sherman. Soldiers of the 19th Engineer Battalion, assisted by Soldiers from HQ, US Army Cadet Command, transported these vehicles to the restoration motor pool last December, where they are will be repainted using historic colors and markings.

They will return to the museum as part of permanent indoor exhibits. According to museum director Chris Kolakowski, this important work will be completed by late summer 2012. "This is a very visible and important project," he added. "We know that the public is very interested in the museum's vehicle collection. This is a tangible way for people to know that the link between Ft. Knox and the history of armor remains an important consideration for the museum. At the same time, these armored vehicles will support our new focus on Army leadership.

M47 Ppatton Tank
The M47 'Patton' tank shown here will return to the museum in 2012 as part of an outdoor Patton 'Family' of Tanks display that will also include M48, M60A1 and M60A3 tanks.
M4A3E8 Sherman
The museum's M4A3E8 Sherman will return to the museum in late 2012 as the centerpiece of an important Korean War exhibit that will also describe the Medal of Honor action of Sergeant First Class Ernest R. Kouma, 72d Tank Battalion. Kouma is buried at the Ft. Knox Post Cemetery.

Chance encounter with General Patton brings Fond du Lac, Wisconsin man to the General George Patton Museum.

World War II veteran Bob Wendt of Fond du Lac was reunited with the donkey cart he paraded around for Gen. George Patton during an impromptu photo shoot in 1944.

Read the article from the FDL Reporter.

The General George Patton Museum Evolves


The New Exhibits Include:

Fort Knox Today: Strength Starts Here
Provides an overview of the new units and commands residing at Fort Knox as a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure decision. Units and commands include: 3-1, Cadet Command, USAREC, Accessions/Human Resources, 19th Engineer Battalion, USAR/84th, and 100th Division.

Being and Doing: Army Leadership through Time
  • Looks at selected U.S. Army leaders in terms of their character, presence, and intelligence. It also describes what effective U.S Army leaders do in terms of leading, developing, and achieving. Some of the highlighted leaders include General George C. Marshall, General Creighton Abrams, General Colin Powell, Lieutenant Hattie Brantley, and Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester.

  • Other exhibits examine Army battlefield leadership during the Battles of Pusan in 1950, the Ia Drang Valley in 1965, the 1991 Persian Gulf War, and Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002.

Patton in His Own Words
Offers a glimpse into General George S. Patton’s legacy and accomplishments. It showcases personal effects and memorabilia from General Patton including his office van, ivory handled Colt 45, etc.

Fort Knox Through Time
Covers selected periods/topics of Fort Knox history including the Lincoln family, the gold vault, etc.

Current Museum Floor Plan  (Click for larger view.)
The General George Patton Museum Transitional Floor Plan
Here is a graphic that depicts the museum and current exhibits.